Representative Financing & Transactional Work

Our clients sometimes ask for information with respect to matters handled in the past. Though not an exhaustive list, below is a representative sample of the financing and transactional matters which were handled by attorneys at Criterion Law:

Startup Financing

  • Various Bridge Financings through Seed, Series A, and later investment rounds;
  • Various Asset Purchase Agreements involving the sale of emerging businesses.

Software Development and Licensing

  • Various subscription and consulting agreements for SaaS providers, including participants in App Exchange;
  • Various software development and license agreements for measurement and display software;
  • Various OEM development and license agreements for measurement and display software;
  • Software development and license agreements for banking industry compliance;
  • Various software development and licenses for database and related risk management and investment management decision software for financial institutions (insurers, banks and brokerages);
  • Software development and license for aircraft cockpit and joystick simulation software for pilot training purposes;
  • Various end user software licenses for various software products;
  • Various manufacturing and licensing agreements for telecommunications products.

Patent Licensing

  • Various international licenses for compounds used pharmaceutical products;
  • Various patent license agreements for electronic gaming technologies;
  • Various patent assignment and license agreements for chemical compounds;
  • Various patent license agreements for sporting goods related inventions;
  • Patent license for manufacture and distribution of specialized construction industry products;
  • Patent license for environmental remediation processes.

Research and Development

  • Research and development agreements for wireless data transmission technologies;
  • Research and development agreements regarding electrical and gas flow metering technology for public utility metering applications;
  • Various research and development agreements regarding specialized telecommunications equipment.


  • Various domestic and international software and hardware distribution agreements;
  • Various domestic and international distribution agreements for chemicals, specialized engineering equipment, and telecommunications equipment;
  • Various domestic and international sales representative agreements;
  • Various antitrust counseling and audits of distribution channels and technology licensing arrangements.

Manufacturing, Supply, and Partnering Agreements

  • Various private label manufacturing and supply agreements for chemical products and telecommunications components;
  • Partnering agreement for joint development and marketing of telecommunications equipment;
  • Joint venture for large scale technical construction and project management activities;
  • Joint venture for importation and exploitation of plant extracts for drug development.